Where I Want to Visit in New York

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I am visiting New York next year the one place I have always wanted to visit so I thought I would share with you all the sites I most want to see.

Please Note as I have not been before this will be a very stereotypical list.
Times Square - You can't go to New York and not visit Times Square all those screens and lights it's just so vibrant!
Broadway - We have already booked the tickets to go see this on Broadway and I really can not wait! I'm a massive Disney fan and I love the Theatre so I imagine Broadway will be amazing.

The Statue of Liberty - Probably the first thing most people think of when you say New York.

The Empire State Building - It's in so many films and TV shows it is one of those sites you have to see.

Grand Central Station - It's iconic a must see and there's a market you can go visit.

Central Park - I hear this and I just think of Friends when Phoebe and Rachel go for a run in the park. Of course I will be going in February so it will look snowy and winter-ish.

The Met - As a massive Gossip Girl fan I really want to go see the Met and of course also to see all the art inside.

MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art - If I can't get to the Met I want to visit either that or MoMA. 

Ground Zero - I imagine this will be a very humbling site and one that should be seem amidst all; the glitz of New York a reminder of something so tragic that changed the world pretty much.

The Natural History Museum - One word Dinosaurs. I think that is enough said. Plus Night at the Museum. With the size of everything in America compared to Britain I imagine their museums will be 10x better than ours.

Last but not least....Shopping - You physically can't go to New York and not shop all those luxury stores and your on holiday so no reason to feel bad about spending. I definitely think one whole day will be spent shopping.

So those are the sites that I want to visit in New York.

If you want to recommend any sites please comment!


  1. Such a great list, if you get chance try and visit the Rockerfeller centre. It's a great cheap and quick way to have a great view of the city, especially at night. Also it has an outdoor ice and a Lego store :)


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