Little Acts of Kindness

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

As part of my resolutions this year I have been trying to make more time in my life for the people that I cherish. Be it family I don't see very often or a close friend I haven't spoken to in awhile. I wanted to show them how glad that I am to have them in my life through small gestures of kindness.
Be it sending them a random gift, inviting them round and cooking tea or even something as simple as making a cup of tea!

It got me to thinking about how the smallest of gestures can affect our whole day either I'm a positive or negative way. That it's the small kind gestures that you just don't see often enough!
The things as simple as holding the door for someone, letting a car out when traffic is queued, even helping someone out if they drop something they're carrying.

Is it that we are all so wrapped up in our own little bubbles, thinking about our own lives we forget these small gestures that can change a whole day around.

While thinking about this I've been trying to expand my resolution into everyday life letting cars out when traffic is bad, holding the door open for people, even simple things like buying biscuits or cake for work colleagues.

It's amazing how positive it makes you feel to do something good for a stranger even something small.

I think that this is a notion that everyone should try in every day life. To be more aware of the people around us and how our actions can affect their day.

If you are reading this post and have done anything this week for anyone be it family, friends or a stranger let me know comment on this post or tweet me at @RebeccaLaura with #littleactofkindness

Lets see how much positivity we spread!!

Thanks for Reading!!

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