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Sunday, 14 February 2016

He was like fire
Entrancing to the eye
Painful to the touch

It began on a normal Saturday morning, there was nothing infinitely special about it other than it was the beginning of March and a light film of snow covered the ground.
It was colder than usual for the time of year because of this she had headed to the nearest coffee shop to get her morning coffee.
That's where she had first seen him, they'd caught each others gaze, it was like current passing between them charged and compelling hard to resist.

They saw each other there every Saturday morning it began as gazes across the shop, drawn out glances meant with intention but coming to nothing, until the day he sat down next to her. Then everything changed.

The romance was whirlwind Dates, lazy mornings together, hand holding, shopping, holidays all spent together.

They were infatuated! It was the fairytale romance you see in the movies! The thing is no one ever talks about what happens after the movie ends.

The problem with the brightest of fires is that they burn out the fastest.

That's when the fairytale ends and the real story begins.

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