Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd Valentines Themed February Box

Saturday, 13 February 2016

For February The Melt Crowd Box is Valentines themed! For those of you who don't know the Melt crowd is a monthly subscription box from Flamingo Candles.
You spend ten pounds and receive 8 different scent melts each month.
As this was my 6th month of being subscribed and because of this I received an extra scent Melt in my box.
Flamingo Candles treat their customers well!

Also this month as it is a valentines box everyone received two little heart scent melts which is such a cute idea!

The scents in this months box are:

Bamboo & White Grapefruit - a fresh a fruity Melt perfect for freshening up a room.

Acai Berry - this scent Melt is unsual with a slight smell of cherries.

Kir Royale Cocktail - firstly the packaging on this is so pretty and sparkly! Secondly this smells lovely so fruity!

Rose - who doesn't like the rose scent ?

Espresso - this was the most potent scent Melt in the box. I could smell it before I had even opened the box! I don't like the taste of coffee but the smell is so soothing. Almost like sitting in a Starbucks.

Pink Lemonade - probably my favourite scent from the box it smells exactly as pink lemonade would taste! So sweet!

Circus Cherry Slush - probably my least favourite in the box I'm not a massive fan of anything cherry be that flavour of scent.

Crème Brulee - this was the free scent I received for being subscribed for 6 months. I've had this scent before and I love it. I'm a massive fan of anything sweet smelling.

Finally the two mini hearts in the Lovebug scent especially for valentines day. These are so cute, such a lovely idea and they have quite a fragrant scent.

So that's this months Melt Crowd Box from Flamingo Candles.

What did you all think?

Thanks for Reading!!

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