Blogmas #10 Decorating the Workplace for Christmas

Saturday, 10 December 2016

It's tradition at work to put up decorations for Christmas.
We have loads of hanging decorations and a lot of ceiling space to fill!
This is generally the first day of December we have half a day of setting up all the decoratioons around the library.

Every year we always dress up our skeletons in festive attire this can either be the creepiest thing ever or the best thing ever. I'm going to go with the best as it's not often you see a skeletal santa.

Around this time of year we are having all the boxes of books back from schools this is 100's of books a day so there's something about decorating for the Christmas season that lifts everyone's spirits.
Now that these decorations have been put up it's the beginning of every work Christmas tradition from Christmas jumper day to Christmas music playing.
There's so much to look forward to around Christmas and the decorating is just the start.

Do you decorate your workplace for Christmas?

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