Blogmas #4: Festive Hot Chocolate

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

Another thing I love about the festive season is when all the festive drinks hit the coffee shops. 
I decided to have a go at making my own festive hot chocolate.
I'm a big fan of white chocolate so I thought I would make a peppermint white hot chocolate.

The ingredients I used are:
- White Chocolate
- Peppermint Flavouring
- Milk
- Whipped Cream
- Festive Sprinkles

My method is I measure out a cup of milk and bring it to the boil adding in squares of hot chocolate.
I like my hot chocolate to be especially chocolatey so I added in about 6 squares.
Then I added in one dash of peppermint flavouring (careful not to add too much of this it's strong stuff!) Then I mixed till all the chocolate has melted and boiled.

 After this you just add it to your cup and go crazy with the decorations. 
I opted for whipped cream as that's an essential on hot chocolate, then I added a load of festive sprinkles.

You can make whatever variation of this you like and you can make it for a fair bit cheaper than the average Costa or Starbucks.

Thanks for Reading!

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