Blogmas #12: Telford Christmas Market

Monday, 12 December 2016

If there's one thing that gets me into the Christmas spirit it's a good Christmas market. Food, gifts, drinks, attractions and more food!
This year in Telford they had their own German market is quite small I'd say 15 stands at the most but quaint non-the-less.
Definitely worth a trip out if you like that sort of thing.

The stalls had so many cute festive trinkets from snow globes, nutcracker toys and russian dolls. These cute handmade toys would make a special and unusual present. Not to mention the many German delights available to buy cakes and biscuits that you could sample before purchase. (I may have sneaked back round for a few extra samples.)

There was food to meet everyones tastes from savoury to sweet. There were sausages, burgers, sweet waffles, donuts, turkey rolls, kebabs. So many different options there is bound to be something you would want to eat.

I in the end opted for a burger just because they smelt so good I was even tempted by a waffle after but opted for a hot chocolate instead. They had the option of melting a chocolate bar into your hot chocolate and I went for Terry's chocolate orange. All I can say is this tasted amazing and you have to try it in a hot chocolate.
The only purchase I made that wasn't food based was one of the tiny polar bear candles. Though I don't think I have the heart to melt it. There were many cute animal ornaments that you could take back. There was a little something for everyone.

On the bar they even had a selfie spot which of course I had to take advantage of, I was overjoyed by all things festive!
I've had the pleasure of visiting this market a couple of times as it's only up the road from where I live, the first time was just for an evening out and a drink (mulled wine of course.) There was only one stand selling this and if I say so myself it was a tad pricy. £4 it was for a mug of mulled wine and you could add in a shot of a variety of different alcohols for an extra £2. As I've thought alot this month it's Christmas lets go for it, so I had a shot of amaretto in my mulled wine. Needless to say I was tipsy.

They also have a few ride attractions for the children one being a ferris wheel.

While this was a small market it was quaint and not overly busy, which made for a nice evening out and put everyone in a festive mood.

Thanks for Reading!

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