Drawing for Beginners Week Two - The Skeleton

Thursday, 15 October 2015

It was Drawing for Beginners lesson 2 this week! The above skeleton is what we had to draw. This course says for Beginners but both lessons so far I think have been giving us rather difficult things to draw, it's almost like dropping you in at the deep end and seeing if you can swim. 

You can see my blog on week one here.

This was the outcome of my drawing I'm feeling quite proud of it and the art teacher even asked if I had been to art school or done any art before (which I have not) so I took that as a huge compliment!

It's one of those classes where the teacher walks around the room giving you helpful hints. I learnt alot about shading and how to draw ribs (this is incredibly difficult if you can do this with ease I tip my hat to you)

Overall I feel I made much more progress this week and am looking forward to see what the challenge is next lesson!

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