Why Point Horror is a Classic

Monday, 26 October 2015

When I was younger the Point Horror series was all the rage! Horror books aimed at young teenagers about teenagers getting attacked or stalked etc. What young person who enjoys a scary story would not love these!?

Over the years I have managed to collect nearly all the Point Horrors (I got a job lot on eBay for £20 bargain!) and with Halloween approaching I wanted to explain why they remain the ultimate creepy stories.

- Most of the plotlines are believable. What could be more scary than a story that could actually happen?
- They follow the horror genre/make up of most scary films. Look at the majority of horror films out now there will be a point horror book that relates even if its on a basic level.
- They created a massive market in horror books for teenagers.
- They're quick reads not too long.
- They aren't overcomplicated. Most of the horror stories or films being released nowadays try to be too clever almost to the point where the audience is confused or thinking what was the point!?
- There has not been another horror series like this one leaving a massive gap in the market.
- Each story is completely different and there are so many of them to read!
- They're based in settings relevant to the age group e.g. schools, on dates.

The photo at the top shows some of my favourite point horror books and below is my collection:

If you want a book to read this Halloween I challenge you to read one of the Point Horror Series! There is so many to choose from that there will be a story for everyone!

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