My Week in Photos 3

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Thought I'd do a my week in photo's blog- I know I don't do these every week and just whenever I feel like it I'm still counting these as week 3. It's definitely been a busy one since last wednesday!
Above is my drawing of a skeleton from this weeks 'Drawing For Beginners' class. I will blog about this shortly but in the meantime you can see last weeks blog here.

I got my first ever Cohorted box I was so excited!! For those of you who don't know Cohorted is a beauty box that usually contains 5 luxury products from high end brands. I managed to snap this one up before the subscriptions kicked in.

Saw this on Instagram the other day and this quote has so much relevance on my life at the moment. I'm tired of wasting time on people who don't bother with me when something new comes along or those that gossip and twist situations into something they're not. I genuinely feel too old for all this drama and having time away and meeting up with people who aren't like this has given me a much needed breather.

Above is the skeleton we had to sketch this week in Drawing for Beginners (apparently it's a real one YIKES! Perfect month for it being Halloween month).

I've done a lot of baking this week I mean a LOT! Most of it being Halloween themed you can see my recipes for the above cakes and biscuits here and here. 

Playing with the new snapchat lenses on my phone it'd been a long day light hearted fun was needed!!

Finally I've been round my aunts for a few days and she is an amazing cook! She made us beef stew and Yorkshire puddings. I mean look at the Yorkshire puddings!? So amazingly delicious.

That's been my week so far what have you all been up to? Any pictures of the week to share?

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