Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd: Box Deux

Monday, 5 October 2015

It's that time of the month again for Flamingo Candles 'The Melt Crowd' subscription box to be sent out! For those of you that do not know what 'The Melt Crowd' is it is a monthly subscription box from Flamingo Candles that sends you 8 different scented wax melts each month for the low cost of £10. (Note: if it's your first month you get sent a free wax burner.)
This month is my second month of subscribing and I have to say this still does not disappoint! I've been down with the flu bug that's been going round since last week so receiving this in the post cheered me up. It's also great that £2 from every box this month is being donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation!
Without further ado the scents of this months wax melts are:

Bubblegum: I love anything that smells remotely sweet so this one was perfect.

Applecurrant Crumble: I'm not a fan of apple crumble food wise but the smell of this melt is almost good enough to eat! By far my favourite in this months box!

The special Pink Ribbon Scent Melt this one has a sweet floral-y smell to it. I can't pinpoint the exact scent but it will definitely make a room smell nice.

Nutmeg and Ginger: This is a very autumn scent definitely makes me think of fall. Spicy and rather pleasant.

Thunderstorm: One of the more earthy scents in the box can't say that I'm particularly a fan of this one. Will be one of the last I use.

Golden Woodlands: Again a very autumn-y vibe here and while I thought I would enjoy this one as I love the smell of the woods when out walking - I have to say not a big fan of this one either.

Pomegranate & White Fig: This one I thought I would not like but in fact it's very fresh and soapy and would be a nice scent to cover the room in. Very refreshing.

Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon: You can never go wrong with fruit scents most are generically pleasing. This one is very sweet and the cinnamon gives it an added kick. Also reminds me of the run up to Christmas- cinnamon as a scent you can not go wrong.
Overall while I disliked two of the scent melts this month I feel this is outweighed by the fact that all the others were so so good! Plus I liked every scent in last months box (Review here ) so I really can't complain.
For those of you who have not subscribed to this yet I would highly recommend it - it's so different from the generic beauty subscription boxes. Any unwanted scents can be used as cute little gifts and these wax melts last for AGEEEESSSS. I've only managed to use one so far from last months box I started burning it as soon as it arrived and it's still going!? So I almost have 2 months worth of melts to use up. Crazy!?
If you subscribe to the melt crowd let me know what you think of this box? Or just let me know which from this months box would be your favourite!

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